Nano Emulsification Technology: a Hemp Game-Changer

Nano-emulsion technology takes fat soluble cannabis oil and makes it water soluble. Doing this also makes cannabinoids faster acting (early onset) and enhances bioavailability.

The key to this technology is particle size reduction and stabilization. In order to reduce particle size, we first introduce food grade non-GMO emulsifiers to the cannabis extracts. Then we mix with water, increase the pressure to over 2,000 times atmospheric pressure and shoot the liquid stream at a bank of diamonds. This process is repeated until particle sizes are reduced to between 10 and 60 nanometers. These particles are thousands of times smaller than a traditional cannabis oil droplet.

At the nanometer scale cannabis is able to penetrate into mucous membranes in the mouth and stomach. Entering the bloodstream at this early stage creates an early-onset effect that is often times felt within minutes. Depending on mouth residence time, the effects of Hemp can be felt 8 to 15 minutes after ingestion, compared with 60 to 90 minutes for a typical tincture.

Entering the bloodstream at this early stage avoids what is called first-pass metabolism. Once a drug enters the stomach it is absorbed by the digestive system and makes its way to the liver where it is metabolized. Here Hemp is degraded into substances that are less effective.

Thus, making a nanoemulsion with Hemp enhances bioavailability and creates an early onset effect.

As mentioned above, particles are not only rendered small in size, but also stabilized with GRAS emulsifiers. These emulsifiers are natural substances easily taken in by the body. Fatty substances, such as cannabis extracts, must first be emulsified before they can be digested. In the case of nano, the extracts come pre-emulsified. The digestive system does not have to further process nanoemulsions in any significant way before they are absorbed at the level of the small intestine. Absorption is thus more rapid in the digestive system, and less product is lost to excretion before absorption can take place.

The net effect of properly formulated nanoemulsions is rapid onset, with much smaller doses required to achieve the same effect. These advantages, and the compatibility with water and other beverages and confections (gummies included!), make nanoemulsions the best choice for many Hemp consumers.

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