Can Good Vibes and Nice Dreams REALLY Help Folks Lose a Few Pounds?

Folks take my Good Vibes protocol to help with all kinds of things.

From a sore back … to aches and pains … low energy … brain fog … mood swings … poor sleep and probably a bunch more I’m not remembering right now (it’s early, man).

While I don’t promote Good Vibes for weight loss…

AJ’s amazing 30 lb. weight loss really got me curious. And get this: He’s not the only one who reported the unexpected benefit of weight loss by taking Good Vibes.



I asked Dr. Clark straight up, “Can Good Vibes and Nice Dreams REALLY help folks lose a few pounds?”

To make sure I didn’t mess up his explanation, I asked him to type up his answer in an email and told Steve to post it on this page.

Here’s what he said in his eye-opening email.

Hey Tommy,

I’m not surprised to hear people of all ages saying they’ve lost weight.


And here’s why:

Good Vibes and Nice Dreams can help people lose weight for a couple of reasons. While they’re not weight loss products per se…

Good Vibes helps people have extra energy during the day. This makes them more active. And when they’re more active, they burn more calories.

The second key factor for losing weight is this:

The consistent daily use of Nice Dreams.

Nearly everyone who takes it… sleeps like a baby.

Point being, getting a good night’s sleep is critical for successful weight loss.

Because after all…

Deep, restful sleep resets your metabolism.

In other words, it helps the body convert calories into energy, instead of storing it as fat. This is pretty well documented in top medical journals across the globe.

So I’m not at all surprised that AJ and other users burn up calories more efficiently—to help melt off unwanted pounds.

The thing is, I didn’t think about the weight loss benefit when we launched Good Vibes
and Nice Dreams back in April.

Even so, I think taking our Good Vibes protocol is a great way to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Especially if one of them is losing a few pounds.

Hope that helps

Honestly, Dr. Clark’s response surprised your Uncle Tommy.

But you know what? It makes absolute sense.

Plus, it’s backed by science.

So yeah, I’m gonna send my Good Vibes protocol to a couple pals…

To see if it can help ‘em get rid of their spare tire.

Peace and love,

-Tommy Chong

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